GOTO ISLANDS(Goto retto / 五島列島)

Holy isles blessed with raw beauty

The Goto Islands sit off the west coast of Kyushu in the East China Sea. The five largest islands: Nakadorijima, Wakamatsujima, Narushima, Hisakajima, and Fukuejima, are accompanied by 140 smaller islets. The archipelago was once home to Japan's 'hidden' Christians, who secretly protected their lands and churches for over 200 years. Today, these important cultural landmarks have become registered as World Heritage Sites.

Don't Miss

  • Visiting the lands and secret churches that used to belong to Japan's 'hidden' Christians.
  • Taking a peek at some of Goto's stunning scenery from the numerous observatories and viewing points.
  • Island hopping by boat and on foot.
  • Being enticed by the brightly colored Goto tsubaki (camellia) flowers, which are also used in cooking, and cosmetics.


World Heritage and church tour

Guided tours take you around Goto's churches and Wakamatsujima's secret Christian caves, which can only be reached by boat.

Glass-bottomed boat tour

Set sail from Fukue Marine Park, Fukuejima, on a glass-bottomed boat to observe the colorful coastal sea life and wondrous coral reefs.

Goto udon making workshop

Experience making handmade udon noodles with a local twist by adding some of Goto's delicious tsubaki oil.

Food & Souvenirs

Tsubaki flowers

Goto is famous for its wild tsubaki flowers. A wide range of tsubaki products are produced on the islands including cosmetic oils, organic soaps, and accessories.

Goto udon

This hand-kneaded cuisine is laced with tsubaki oil and recognized as one of Japan's top three udon noodles.

Sightseeing Spots

Takahama Beach (Fukuejima)

One of Japan's top 100 beaches, this is a must-see strip of pure white sand, clear blue water, and coastal greenery. Basic facilities are available for beachgoers.

Onidake 'Ogre Hill' (Fukuejima)

Impressive dome-shaped volcano completely covered in grass and formed upto 5 million years ago. The sunset from the summit is also worth waiting for.

Osezaki Cliff (Fukuejima)

This spectacular 20 km long sea cliff reaches heights of 150 meters and comes complete with faults caused by crustal deformation.

Fukuejima Castle Town (Fukuejima)

The castle was built in 1863 and has three walls facing seaward. Nearby you can visit Samurai House Street to see the historic stone walls.

Akahama Beach (Ojikajima)

This red sand and gravel beach is rich in iron and only found on Ojikajima, which was once an active volcano.


You'll find observatories throughout the Goto Islands, and they allow you to take in a whole host of different views. Highlights include: the morning sun at Shirotake Observatory (Fukuejima), the topography of the inland sea from Yoneyama Observatory (Nakadorijima), the sunset from Yagatame Observatory (Nakadorijima), and the oceanic views from Osezaki Lighthouse (Fukuejima).

Local map