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The Japanese archipelago is made up of more than 6,800 islands, many of which are remote, and over 400 of which are inhabited. Japan is one of the world's longest countries meaning its climate varies a great deal from region to region,...

Secluded World Heritage, you don't want to miss.

As of October 2019, Japan has 23 designated World Heritage Sites. While many of these are to be found across the main islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku, you'll also find plenty of important sites dotted across Japan's more distant locations.

Check out some of Japan's best secluded diving spots

As an island nation surrounded by the ocean, Japan is a popular destination for tourists searching for adventure out at sea. There are over 150 scuba diving locales around the country and many of its most stunning underwater environments...

6 outdoor activities you can enjoy on Japan's remote islands

Full of charm and beautiful scenery, Japan's remote islands are loaded with opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Each island specializes in different activities, with the likes of snorkeling, trekking, and backcountry skiing all on offer.

6 recommendations for viewing flowers on Japan's remote islands

The Japanese archipelago is long and thin, with four distinct seasons. The majority of the land belongs to temperate zones, but the climate can vary greatly depending on the region, especially in terms of temperature and precipitation....

Amazing animal encounters on Japan's remote islands

You'll discover some of the country's most interesting animals on several offshore islands. One of the most famous is Cat Island, which has recently become a social media sensation. Many of the animals will let you get up close, and you may even be able to even snap a photo with them....

6 special local products you can buy on Japan's remote islands

Japan has a vast number of remote islands, all with varying ecosystems, climates, cultures, and vegetation. After exploring a region, why not go shopping for some special souvenirs to remind you and others of your journey?...

6 alcoholic beverages you'll want to sample on Japan's remote islands

Since Japan's national cuisine, washoku, became a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013, the Japanese liquors that accompany the food have been gaining worldwide attention.

5 scenic hot springs to enjoy on Japan's remote islands

A trip to Japan is not complete without at least one trip to a hot spring, known as 'onsen' in Japanese. Onsen waters vary from place to place, and each is said to have its own healing properties such as relieving fatigue or improving blood circulation....

5 must-board sightseeing boats on Japan's remote islands

To this day, boats are a major means of transportation on Japan's remote islands. Many of these isles are steeped in maritime history, therefore it should come as no surprise to learn that sightseeing boats have become top tourist attractions....

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