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Maizuru - Otaru(Hokkaido)

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Fare [JPY]

16,750 - 54,400

Distance and Course Time

1061.0km - 1061.0km
/ 20H55M - 21H45M
A long distance regularly operated route which connects Maizuru Port (Maizuru city, Kyoto prefecture) and Otaru Port (Otaru city, Hokkaido prefecture) in 21 hours by a large car ferry (accommodation type).

We offer an elegant sea travel in the Sea of Japan with a large car ferry equipped with a capacity of 746 passengers and 65 cars.
Also called a floating ocean hotel, it has a selection of rooms from affordable large passenger rooms with bunk beds to suites that have private terrace and bathroom with ocean view.

On board you can enjoy a meal at the grill, restaurant or cafe. Other facilities include a shop, a bath house and a laundromat.
The long-distance route connecting Maizuru and Otaru offers convenience and comfort, allowing overnight travel for passengers and vehicles. It can also be used as an alternative transport method when air and land transport is disrupted.

< Tourist Attractions Nearby>
■Maizuru Port
•  Gorougaoka: About 15 minutes by car. A spot with a full view of Maizuru Bay
• Amanohashidate: About 60 minutes by car. One of the three most scenic places in Japan

■Otaru Port

Otaru Canal: About 5 minutes by car. A historic scenery that supported marine transportation in Hokkaido.
• Mount Tengu: About 25 minutes by car, A beautiful scenery spot overlooking the city of Otaru

<Access to Pier>
Maizuru port (Maejima Wharf, Maizuru Ferry Terminal)
(By train)  About 7 minutes by taxi from JR West, East Maizuru Station
(By car) About 7km from ‘Maizuru East IC’ of Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway (about 15 minutes).
(By Car) About 14km from ‘Maizuru West IC’ of Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway (about 20 minutes).
*There may be a connecting bus from Kamito Sanguu Bus Terminal, Osaka Namba OCAT Bus Terminal, and JR East Maizuru station. Please inquire for details.

■Otaru port (Katsunai Pier, Otaru Ferry Terminal)
(By train) About 10 minutes by taxi from JR Hokkaido Otaru station.
*There may be a connecting bus from JR Otaru station. Please inquire for details.

(By train) About 5 minutes by taxi from JR Hokkaido Otaru Chikkou station.

* There may be a connecting bus from JR Otaru Chikkou station. Please inquire for details
(By car) About 1.2 km from ‘Otaru IC’ of Sasson Expressway (about 3 minutes).

<Operating Company>
Shinnihonkai Ferry Co., Ltd.

※All published information is as of January 2019. For more details, please check the official company website. 
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Ports of Call

  1. Maizuru
  2. Otaru

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Tourist Attractions Nearby