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Uno Port – Honmura Port (Naoshima)

  • Passenger ship ART BIRD

    Shikoku Kisen Co., Ltd.

  • Passenger ship ART BIRD

    Shikoku Kisen Co., Ltd.

Routes (Round-Trip)


Uno Port
Ports of Call


Honmura Port (Naoshima)

Fare [JPY]

290 - 290

Distance and Course Time

5.8km - 5.8km
/ 20M - 20M
A regular line between Uno Port (Tamano City, Okayama prefecture) and Honmura Port of Naoshima Island (Kagawa-gun, Kagawa prefecture) in about 20 minutes by passenger ship.


3 passenger ships are in operation, which carry up to 65 or 80 passengers.
They offer a barrier-free environment and multi-language services, enabling a speedy and comfortable voyage on the calm Seto Inland Sea with a pleasant sea breeze on the deck.
This convenient route is perfect for visiting Naoshima.

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・Naoshima: Naoshima is an island with the perimeter of 28km, located on the Seto Inland Sea, 13km north off the coast of Takamatsu City.
It is one of the places that host a triennial contemporary art festival called the “Setouchi Triennale” and has a number of trendy contemporary art sites.

・Art House Project: Accessible from Honmura Port of Naoshima in 2 minutes by foot. Artists renovated old houses with an aim to create an art piece utilizing the entire house space.

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■Uno Port

(By train) 5 minutes on foot from Uno Station of JR West.

(By car) About 31 minutes (19.4 km) from the Mizushima IC of the Sanyo Expressway via Route 22.

Shikoku Kisen Co., Ltd. 
Items of Interest Ships to Isolated Islands Route Type Passenger Ships
Reservation No Credit Card No
Contact Information Shikoku Kisen Co., Ltd. Takamatsu Main Office
TEL: 087-821-5100 ( English available )

Ports of Call

  1. Uno Port
  2. Honmura Port (Naoshima)

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